Criminal Charges

Being charged with a crime is a stressful, time consuming and potentially life-altering event. I will be your advocate, vigorously defending you against government accusations and ensuring that prosecutors are held to the highest of standards. I will negotiate or litigate your criminal matter, as necessary, no matter how serious, to arrive at the best possible result for you and your family. Call or write today for a free consultation.


Traffic Citation

Don’t pay that ticket! Let me be your advocate to ensure that your traffic citation conforms to the requirements of Florida law. I will review your traffic citation to ensure that all administrative and legal requirements are complied with and I will negotiate or litigate the matter in court as necessary to ensure that your driving history remains as unaffected as possible. Call or write today for a free consultation.


Sealing/Expunging Criminal Records

Our office can get previous criminal behavior sealed or expunged. Don’t let past criminal charges deny you of future professional and employment opportunities. Call or write today for a free consultation.


Family Law

Whether you are getting divorced, or are requiring assistance with child custody and support issues, prenuptial agreements or any other family law related issues, I can help. Call or write today for a free consultation.


Immigration Law

As a first generation Cuban-American, I understand personally the struggles that immigrants are going through. I speak your language and can help you to secure and defend your rights and status. My firm works directly with experts in Immigration Law that can get you the results that you are looking for, no matter how big or small.  Whether you are a foreign investor or facing the threat of deportation, I can help you. Call or write today for a free consultation.


Personal Injury

Insurance companies do not want you to consult with an attorney and that is exactly why you should. Let me work with you on your case to ensure that your medical bills are paid and your injuries and pain are properly documented. Don’t settle for less then what you deserve. Our firm interfaces directly with high-powered personal injury attorneys that have decades of successful settlement negotiations and trial experience under their belt. Let us be the bridge for your personal injury claim. Call or write today for a free consultation.

About Juan

I am the child of Cuban immigrants and was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

I attended Florida International University in Miami, graduating with Honors in 1999. Later, I attended the University of Florida College of Law, receiving my law degree in 2002.

I began my legal career at the Office of the Public Defender for the 5th Judicial Circuit in Ocala, Florida. In my capacity there, I had the opportunity to handle various misdemeanor and traffic offenses, including DUI and property crimes. I also had the opportunity to litigate a number of matters in County Court.

As a resident of Gainesville, Florida, I took the opportunity to move my legal work from Ocala to Gainesville when I moved to the Office of the Public Defender for the 8th Judicial Circuit.

It was there that I was given more serious tasks that involved defending the accused of felonies such as sexual batteries, aggravated batteries, grand theft charges, all manner of drug possession and trafficking cases, as well as cases dealing with serious felonies that had mental health components. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to litigate a number of serious felony charges in Circuit Court.

I transitioned into private practice in 2013 and have expanded my practice considerably, adding Family, Immigration and Personal Injury law services to those provided by my office.

I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and I am especially happy to assist those clients in the community who communicate most comfortably in either of these languages.

Contact Us

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